Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vendler Grid: In You The Earth

In You The Earth
by Pablo Neruda

Vendler Grid
MeaningThe love someone has for mother nature and her growth over time. 
He was appreciating what he had in front of him. 
Structural PartsThe shirt occurs after he describes a delicate flower.
-It goes from talking about growth/time to features/love.
Other PartsThe beginning differs from the end because it seems likes he's admiring mother nature. He ends by describing woman features, leaving a lasting impression.

Content Genre-

ToneGentle and admiring.
AgencyMother Nature is the agent throughout the poem. 
Roads Not TakenHe could have mentioned 
Speech Acts
Outer and Inner Structural
ImaginationYour able to imagine mother nature herself, but as a real woman. His references are vivid and connected to a woman's "body".

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