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Brave New World-- 11 to 18

Chapter 11
-Bernard stabs the director in the back

-Bernard was the guardian of a Savage (John)
-people revered him
-talks of someone giving Bernard alcohol in his embryo development were silent
-Bernard's job is to look out for the John
-he take notes on John thoughts as if he were an experiment
-Bernard brags to Helmholtz about the attention he is getting from being the guardian John
-Helmholtz does not share the enthusiasm that Bernard shares for this feat so Bernard gets upset and decides to leave him
-Lenina might be developing feelings for John

-She liked Bernard because he was different and initially denied her, but eventually (with the help of soma) slept with her
-John refuses to sleep with Lenina because that is childish
-Since Lenina helped "discover" John, she gets to run errands with John when Bernard is busy
-Lenina and John are together in this scene
-The machine is designed to give you sensations and hear noises that are provocative
-During the process, you watch a movie called Three Weeks in a Helicopter
-a dark man and a woman are together
-the dark man develops feelings for her and the woman declines those feelings
-the dark man stalks her and kidnaps her on a helicopter for three weeks
-Three Alphas manage to rescue her and in gratitude she becomes their woman in a polygamy relationship
-John doesn't like the film
-Lenina hopes that her & John might sleep together
-instead John steps into a different cab and says "Good night" 

Chapter 12
-Bernard sets up an extravagant party to host the savage (John) and show him off

-Arch Community-Songster of Canterbury, a celebrity, is invited to the party
-After the day with Lenina John does not want to see anyone 
-Bernard's shouting outside John's room
-he refuses to leave his room
-John's reading Romeo & Juliet
-Bernard begs him to come out because this is his opportunity to shine in the community
-Everyone uses sex & drug to escape everything
-Everyone, including the songster, gets angry because they were denied to see John
-People began to ridicule Bernard
-“I knew it the whole time that someone accidentally slipped alcohol in his embryo-state.” 
-People left the party 
-Bernard’s fame as well as his ego got reduced to below average.
-Bernard goes to Helmholtz to reconcile because of his bad behavior 

-Helmholtz is more than happy to reconcile

Chapter 13
-Lenina is a bit down because she has obviously developed feelings for John who denies her. --Henry asks Lenina out but she declines 

-shes upset about something 
-doesn't want to go out with anyone
-Lenina asks her friend Fanny for aid
-Fanny can't believe Lenina couldn't get John 
-Fanny basically says to take charge 
-Lenina visits John
-John told Lenina that he loved her
-Lenina starts stripping 
-John yells at her and calls her a "strumpet" which is basically a prostitute
-He pushes her and yells to leave
-She grabs some of her clothes and runs in the restroom to redress
-While she is changing, John gets a call from the hospital
-his mother is ill
-Linda is near to death

Chapter 14
-Park Lane Hospital

-John flies to the hospital and weeps by his mother's bed 
-asks if there's anything to save her "No''
-"Hug me till you drug me honey."
-She momentarily wakes up and says "Pope'' at the sight of her son 
-John is obviously mad because she is so "high" she can barely recognize him 
-Some kids (twins) enter the room to see her
-they talk about her appearance
-John yells at them to leave
-A nurse comes in and says the kids are being conditioned to accept death. 
-She threatens to kick out John but John eventually leaves
-Linda dies in this chapter 

Chapter 15

-John is leaving the hospitol
-the nurse has to return to give the kids soma so that John doesn't interfere with conditioning
-John is outraged that kids are taking drugs
-all 162 Delta came for "soma distribution"
-John repeats "O. Brave New World.. O, Brave New World.."
-he says that soma is poison
-John grabs the drugs and "frees" everyone by dumping the drugs out the window
-Bernard and Helmholtz are called for assistance
-the police come and calm down the crowd with drugs
-John, Helmholtz and Bernard are arrested

Chapter 16
-someone asks John "So you don't like much civilization"
-John says "yes"
-Bernard is becoming selfish
-John quotes from Shakespeare multiple times
-the person tells him the old things have been burned 
-John dislikes new things and expresses that
-everyone is okay with how the new world is
-soma causes liberty
-they have to sacrifice a lot because of what they chose
-they can't replace a persons passion for something
-John doesn't like Delta
-they say that Delta do so much for them
-civil war broke out and thousands of men lost their lives
-world controller took over the island
-Controller asks to take Bernard out
-Iceland is where ppl have a self concious
-he choice to be a world director instead of going to Iceland
-knowledge was highest good
-truth was supreme valley
-mass productions triggers changes
-they emphasis the truth
-ppl are interested in beauty and health
-Controller asks Helmhortz where he wants to go
-he said somewhere with bad weather "winds & storms"
-Falkland Island

Chapter 17
-the controller and John are alone
-Controller tells John they're giving up beauty/truth & religion
-John cant respond to that
-Controller shows John a copy of all his different books
-people don't read them, it disappeared like God
-no one needs or wants God in Brave New Wrorld
-no misery or fear of death in old age
-Controller believes there's a God but "he modifies himself as an absence" now
-they blame civilization
-people never like to be alone
-self denial (industrial civilization = no self denial)
-no need for anyone to be heroic
-soma's always available to forget the unhappy things
-John says "Life is about Suffer; we should be proud of life and suffer"
-John claims all rights to be unhappy: "sin, God, poetry, real danger, freedom.."
-the Controller adds: "pain, cancer, sickness, old.."

Chapter 18
-Helmholtz & Bernard find John and he looks ill
-Bernard feels sorry for what he did the other day
-Controller doesn't let John go with Bernard
-John wants to be alone
-Leaves away from London
-John begins to pray to God that night asking for forgiveness
-he climbs up to a light house
-John is living on his own in a lighthouse
-Reporters want to talk to John
-they sneak a few shots of John hitting himself
-they want him to take soma
-Fans come over and even Lenina comes over and someone sings "orgy porgy" starts
-John wakes up the next morning realzing what he has done
-He kills himself by jumping off light house

March Lit Analysis Choice

For my March Literary Analysis, I've been reading Lord of the Flies. I plan to have finished reading the novel within a few days and begin answering the questions by this week.

Socratic Seminar Notes 3/19

°Themes.. consumerism- everyone needs to have new things.
°Ex clothes get thrown away. °Foundation of it. Things need to be renewed.

°Characters named after historical figures...

°Theme... unity - cant be ideal society without unity. Trying to get rid of ppl tht are different.

°Values.. marriage, mother, father & others have been twisted

°Optimistic in beginning of book. Was trying to prove a point & for shock value to get ppl to read the book.

°Symbols... Ford (worshipping industrialism/assembly line instead of God)

°Froid -- ego of humanity

°Could relate to characters

°Conditioned to be happy.. the characters
°Conditioned to feel special

°Bernard becomes corrupt bcuz all eyes are on John
°Ex. John gets in fight & Bernard doesn't help

°John wants to leave but they dnt let him

°Technology used in book demonized but in reality technology advances are used.

°Gender Rules.... diff between mother & father terms-
°Equality in cast but sexual stand point.. men more dominant & show off number of women they slept with.
°A lot of equality with things they do but no higher female role
°Equality but no authority
°Seems like Alpha Plus were all males

°Soma in today's society are drugs
°Nobody is an individual so everyone has same soma

°women are moms bcuz they take care of embryos
°Men going away as women work in factories like WWI

°"Brave new world" a quote from Tempast

°Significance of title- from John's perspective he's seeing a new world compared to his

°changing p.o.v.s from characters

°ch 2 changes perspectives of characters with every other line

°Difference of post modernism & modernism is time period in this sense & also post modernism needs inconsistency

°Chronology is something making sense in time.
°Postmodernism is used to...

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Journal-- March 11

Describe and explain the father/son reunion in Ch 10 of Brave New World.

When John enters the room, the first thing he does is go to the Director. He then falls to his knees and repeats the phrase "My Father." The Director didn't know how to react to having a son thus entering shock. He had just "united" with Linda when he found out John existed. Being a boy who was denied a relationship with his father, John did his part when uniting with the Director. He was happy to have finally meet the person his mother talked about. Even though the Director didn't react like the normal father would when meeting his son for the first time. Considering father mean something else, the Director became embarrassed as he heard the words and crowds laughter.  It was an awkward situation for everyone. On one side you have two people that were living under different rules & then you have the director. A person who has changed the meaning of every word. In the Director's world, people don't have babies. The words mother and father have weird meaning. People there aren't supposed to get attached to others. John has lived a life under his mother's wings. She has been his mother --loved him, cared for him. It's understandable why the Director felt embarrassed and ran. He was John's father. He did the abnormal and had a child with Linda. His views on life will restrict a relationship between John and him. If he gets attached it will go against everything he worked for.

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Brave New World-- 10

-its 2:27 
-everyone is busy working in the lab
-they are separating the embryos
-"the newly-unbottled babes uttered their first yell of horror and amazement"
-its feeding time for 800 babies
-babies are drinking" pasteurized external secretion"
-little boys and girls are listening to hypnop├Ždic lessons in hygiene and sociability, in classconsciousness and the toddler's love-life
-that room contains more high-caste workers than any other in the Centre
-they talk about making as many as they like
-Bernard enters the room
-when he first speaks he's too loud so he softens his tone
-the Director asked Mr Marx (Bernard) to meet him there
-"Yes-s," repeated the Director, lingering, a serpent, on the "s." Then, 
suddenly raising his voice, "Ladies and gentlemen," he trumpeted, "ladies and gentlemen."
-he silenced the room
-the director says Bernard has betrayed them 
-Bernard is an Alpha-Plus
-the Director announces he will become an ex-colleague
-“By his heretical views on sport and soma, by the scandalous unorthodoxy of his sex-life, by his refusal to obey the teachings of Our Ford and behave out of office hours, 'even as a little infant,”
-the Director makes the sign of the T
-he proposes to dismiss Bernard to Iceland
-he asks Bernard to show areason as to why he shoudn’t execute the judgement passed on him
-Bernard says he does
-Linda is the reason
-“There was a gasp, a murmur of astonishment and horror; a young girl screamed; standing on a chair to get a better view someone upset two test-tubes full of spermatozoa. Bloated, sagging, and among those firm youthful bodies, those undistorted faces, a strange and terrifying monster of middle-agedness, ”
-she enters the room smiling
-Linda recognized the Director
-she started to call him Tomakin
-Linda asked the Director if she remembered her
-the Director is in shock
-Linda then throws her arms around him
-the crowd starts to laugh
-"You made me have a baby," she screamed above the uproar. There was a sudden and appalling hush; eyes floated uncomfortably, not knowing where to look.”
-the crowd in now silent
-she said she was the baby’s mother
-Linda is now ashamed and begins to cry
-she calls John in
-John fell in front of the director and began to call him father
-“The word (for "father" was not so much obscene as–with its connotation of something at one remove from the loathsomeness and moral obliquity of child--bearing–merely gross, a scatological rather than a pornographic impropriety);”
-laughter broke from the crowd
-the Director was humiliated
-he put his hands over his ears and ran out

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Brave New World-- 9

-Lenina swallowed 6 half-gramme tablets of some "It would be eighteen hours at the least before she was in time again."
-Bernard left her to run errands
-he spoke with Mustapha Mond
-Mond gave permission to bring Linda & John
-Bernard did a lot in the amount of time he had
-the author states the times Berard completes an action
-John comes to meet them but finds the door locked
-he sobs but half an hour later he looks through the mirror
-he finds a green suit-case with the initials L.C.
-John goes through Lenina's things
-he hears a noise
-John enters another rooms and finds her lying on the bed
-he kneels besides her
-anaphora "Her eyes, her hair, her cheek, her gait, her voice;"
-John was thinking about touching Lenina
-"Did he dare? Dare to profane with his unworthiest hand that … No, he didn't."
-John was scared to pull the zipper down
-he heard a fly only to find it was a plane
-he panic band ran to the other room
-John received Bernard as he climbed out of the helicopter

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brave New World-- 8

-Bernard says it’s hard for him to realize that they live as though they were on different planets
-Flashback & Imagery
-he remembers his mother being with a lot of men
-women beating his mother because of it
-his mother blaming him and hitting him, crying afterwards then kissing him
-Linda would talk about the Other Place to John and how it was
-the old men of the pueblo would talk about how the creation of the world they live in
-Linda taught John how to read
-John tried to read a book his mother kept “The Chemical and Bacteriological Conditioning of the Embryo. Practical Instructions for Beta Embryo-Store Workers”
-it took him an hour to read the title alone
-“He threw the book on the floor. "Beastly, beastly book!" he said, and began to cry.”
-when children would make fun of John, he tried harder to read
-Linda wasn’t able to answer his questions
-the old men of the pueblo had different answers to his questions
-after his 12th birthday he found a new book “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare”
-similes “The strange words rolled through his mind; rumbled, like talking thunder; like the drums at the summer dances, if the drums could have spoken; like the men singing the Corn Song, beautiful, beautiful, so that you cried; like old Mitsima saying magic over his feathers…”
-“But now he had these words, these words like drums and singing and magic. These words and the strange, strange story out of which they were taken”
-setting: bedroom / his mother & Pope lying in bed
-Forshadowing: “"I'll kill him, I'll kill him, I'll kill him," he kept saying. And suddenly there were more
When he is drunk asleep, or in his rage
 Or in the incestuous pleasure of his bed …”
-he stabs Pope
-Pope laughs as John runs away crying
-Mitsima tells John that he needs to work the clay now that he’s 15
-John wanted to join the boys that will enter the kiva and come back as men
-they didn’t allow it & said "Not for the son of the she-dog,"
-they threw rocks at him then left him alone outside the pueblo
-Bernard & John talk about being alone lonely and different
-John tells Bernard “I stood against a rock in the middle of the day, in summer, with my arms out, like Jesus on the Cross." "What on earth for?" "I wanted to know what it was like being crucified. Hanging there in the sun …"”
-Bernard asks if John would come back to London with them
-John is happy and asks if Linda could too
-John asked Bernard if he’s married to Lenina
-after saying no Bernard begins to laugh
-John is ready to see the New World "O brave new world," he repeated. "O brave new world that has such people in it. Let's start at once."

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Brave New World-- 7

-setting: The Mesa
-could see the pueblo Malpais
-tall houses stepped and amputated like pyramids
-Lenina described it as "Queer"
-she doesn't like the man
-drums being beaten in Malpais
-wish they could have brought the plane 
-Lenina compared the top of the mesa that was a flat deck of stone to "Like the Charing-T Tower"
-the Indians were naked and could be heard because of their heavy jewelry
-they tried to avoid Lenina's presence
-at the entrance of pueblo, Lenina held her handkerchief over her nose
-she was amazed at the horrible conditions they lived in
-Bernard didn't make the situation into a big deal, but merely said "they've been doing it for the last five or six thousand years. So I suppose they must be used to it by now."
-they disagreed on how the Indians lived
-Bernard tried to be "unmoved" about the situation
-repetition "We preserve them from diseases. We keep their internal secretions artificially balanced at a youthful equilibrium. We don't permit their magnesium-calcium ratio to fall below what it was at thirty. We give them transfusion of young blood. We keep their metabolism permanently stimulated."
-Bernard calls them creatures
-Lenina feels emotions and goes for the soma but finds that its been left behind at the rest-house
-Bernard talks to Lenina after seeing a mother breast their child "And what an intensity of feeling it must generate! I often think one may have missed something in not having had a mother. And per-haps you've missed something in not being a mother, Lenina. Imagine yourself sitting there with a little baby of your own. …"
-setting: "A dead dog was lying on a rubbish heap; a woman with a goitre was looking for lice in the hair of a small girl."
-they come across a village square and they notice underground chambers
-the drums reminded Lenina of "the synthetic noises made at Solidarity Services and Ford's Day 
celebrations." . "Orgy-porgy,"
-the Indian performance reminded Lenina of “a lower-caste Community Sing”
-they danced and sang a song then the leader of the dancers threw snakes at everyone to catch
-there was a lot of movement within the group and the dance
-Lenina covered her face and started to cry asking the people to stop what they were doing
-She kept crying wishing she had her soma
-a boy talked with them and they were amazed to hear what he had to say "I ought to have been there," the young man went on. "Why wouldn't they let me be the sacrifice? I'd have gone round ten times–twelve, fifteen. Palowhtiwa only got as far as seven. They could have had twice as much blood from me. The multitudinous seas incarnadine."
-he wished he could have been hit by the whip "to show that I'm a man”
-Lenina thinks he was a "nice-looking boy" and began to smile at him
-Linda was his mother
-she had she had came from the"Other Place long ago"
-She got hurt while walking alone and was left behind by Tomakin as he went back to the Other Place
-"(Yes, "Thomas" was the D.H.C.'s first name.)"
-hunters from Malpais found her and the boy was born in Malpais
-they meet Linda and she's in horrible conditions
-Linda starts to cry and is happy to see a "civilized face"
-she said she had to suffer without soma
-Linda was a Beta having a baby and ashamed of it
-she said she didn't know how it happened and that she took all precautions
-she begins to reminisce on old memories
-things are different there bcuz everyone belongs to one person
-Linda talk about being rushed after women found out that their men kept going to her
-she mentions John and how jealous he was 
-John was overprotective and couldn't understand why Linda had to be with so many people
-he tried to kill someone at one point
-Linda said it was hard to answer questions because she was just a Beta that worked in the Fertilizing room
-it ends with asking "What are you to answer?"

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I wasn't prepared for this test. I had to look for literary elements on the spot and within seconds. It was different, but something the course needed.