Sunday, May 5, 2013

Did it work?

You've written a lot this week; is there anything left for you to practice/improve over the weekend?  Do you need to practice more multiple choice?  Take inventory-- one last time-- and describe how you will address any areas where you feel less than 100% confident.

I had the chance to test myself this Saturday when I went to Cal Poly for my English Placement Test. It was a timed test and this allowed me to prepare for my AP Test this week. I did better on the multiple choice questions and I know it's because of the repeated practice. I wrote an essay in 45 minutes and was proud to find myself with time left to spare. This week and weekend has improved my writing and allowed me to manage my time wisely. I feel more confident going into this upcoming test than before.

I've been helping myself write better by looking at essay topics and doing a prewrite. By writing out my thoughts, I've seen the flow of my essays improve. I need to work on timing and give myself more than 5 minutes to edit my essays. This is something I'll work on within the next few days.

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